The nature and description of the collie (Scottish Sheepdog)

Perhaps the collie (or as it is called the Scottish shepherd, scottish collie, scotch) is the most famous dog in the world. In the 19th century, she was the favorite of Queen Victoria.

Today she is known in all corners of the earth and everyone loves her.

This dog is truly Apollo dog kingdom.

In addition, he is gentle, obedient, smart and able to perform various functions: from the service of a shepherd to the mission of a guide. With all this in mind, a collie breed should have become quite common. Its representatives should meet at every corner, but this is not the case. Everyone loves this dog, but few give birth. Collie as if bewitched by an evil sorceress, tormented by envy of her beauty.

Character traits and description of collie

Her correct name is raff collie. Why not just a collie or a scottish shepherd? This is not exactly the right name. The fact is that there are 5 types of Scottish shepherd or collie. In addition to the Rough, the coarse collie, there is also a smooth, smooth coat, border - border, bearded - bearded and shetland. However, when the word collie is pronounced, even the most competent dog breeders immediately imagine exactly the collie.

And all thanks to the dog from the movie "Lessie"? Not only. This is the case when they meet on clothes. Most likely only a few of you are familiar with the smooth-haired collie, and in fact it is completely identical to the coarse collie, in all but wool. She is short and smooth. However, this breed is almost unknown even in its homeland.

While the coarse collie, even children will recognize at a glance. This is certainly the merit of film star Lassie. But why did Lassie become so famous all over the world? In the movies and television movies there are many dogs, no less cute and intelligent than she.

However, none of them have achieved such popularity. Lassie is loved by her looks. The collie, which we will call simply collies in the future, once all the subtleties have been clarified, without a doubt the most elegant and beautiful, and exquisite representative of the canine world. Unfortunately, as we mentioned earlier, this breed is not very common.

The number of Collies far to a huge number of individuals, for example, German shepherd. Oddly enough, the reason for this - all the same beautiful collie wool. The virtue that made this dog famous and beloved often deters those who want to have a pet. Both approaches are erroneous. It is ridiculous to love a collie just for the beautiful look of her skin, since her character is much more important than her appearance. But it’s just as ridiculous to refuse a collie just because you are afraid to devote long hours to combing its wool.

Recall that the dog is a public animal who loves to live in a flock. This means that he needs a company. If you can afford to keep two or more collies, fine. If not, your family will be a pack for collie. The dog must feel its full member. A badly socialized collie can become vicious, but rather fearful or even cowardly. Another important factor for a health collie is the ability to move, run, play.

You probably do not have a flock of sheep, but to guarantee a dog a walk in the free space, you must. Collie - a real athlete. To maintain good shape, she needs a lot of exercise. To run and play is, of course, more pleasant in the countryside, but there are no problems in the city either.

Collies are always amiable with other dogs.

Do not fall solely in love with her beauty, try to understand what is inside her and you will understand that her heart, her soul is much more beautiful than her wool.



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