How to call a German Shepherd? Basic nicknames

As if this question did not seem to be significant, in fact it is very important to call the German Shepherd correctly.

Her nickname should match appearance and sex, sound easily distinguishable for a dog and like the owner and family. It should be rather short (one or two syllables) and bright, because in fact it is the very first command of the puppy, which it must clearly remember and relate to itself.

For a dog, her nickname will always be a “Attention” signal, because all other commands will follow her. When choosing a nickname, you can build on the name that stands in the "puppy card" and convert it. If it does not like it, you can come up with a "home" name.

Basic rules for choosing a German Shepherd Nickname

When thinking about the nickname for the German Shepherd, it is worth considering that it should attract the attention of your pet when you quietly call her at a distance of 30 meters. Therefore, you should choose among the words with hard and sonorous sounds: b, g, d, f, z, p.

  1. Better not to call the puppy a human name.
  2. It is also not customary to give the nickname of an animal that has died.
  3. It is desirable that the nickname was understandable floor sheepdogs. This will facilitate walking in special areas where the dogs walk without a leash.
  4. It will be possible to prevent aggression in advance by meeting a same-sex tribesman. Therefore, the name should be frankly "male" or "female", and not the neuter.

What do you call a German shepherd boy?

A dog can offer the following names: Agat, Almaz, Alf, Antey, Arko, Askar, Ajax, Baron, Barth, Boyard, Brix, Vins, Wolf, Guy, Hex, Gert, Grant, Gray, Griff, Gustav, Dagor, Dax, Dick, Jad, Don, Dolph, Drake, Jacques, Zack, Zeus, Zapp, Kai, Kaiser, Carat, Kent, King, Cliff, Colt, Crassus, Kurt, Creuse, Cash, Lear, Lance, Lord, Lux, Mitch, Nabat, Nathan, Odin, Omar, Oscar, Otmar, Otto, Otis, Perseus, Pierce, Prince, Wright, Ralph, Raine, Rick, Rocky, Rambo, Sid, Stone, Tyson, Thor, Fog, Uran, Frank, Fred, Caesar, Chase, Edie, Erik, Ernie, Emir, Yard.

Nicknames for a German shepherd girl

German shepherd sukam fit such nicknames: Adel, Ira, Anka, Ardana, Arsa, Bayrah, Bara, Berta, Britta, Hera, Glory, Greta, Jessie, Judy, Zara, Zaur, Indy, Ilda, Kayra, Kayla, Cora, Christa , Lana, Lia, Laurie, Margot, Maggie, Mira, Mirtha, Mary, Nour, Oda, Ora, Orc, Palma, Ritz, Ronda, Ruza, Sindi, Taiga, Tina, Trina, Fry, Frieda, Ching, Ayra, Elsa , Emma, ​​Angie, Utah.

A puppy of a German shepherd will get used to its name in three or four days if it is pronounced constantly, playing with the dog, grooming it, giving food, walking. Start this first in the life of a puppy training should be from 2-3 months of age.



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