Causes of exhaustion of dogs and what to do to the owner in this situation?

Exhaustion is a significant weight loss in a dog that can occur for a variety of reasons.

Causes of exhaustion in a dog

First of all, exhaustion in a dog is due to a disease. It interferes with the normal eating of food, as well as the absorption of nutrients. Most often it is a variety of digestive disorders or metabolism in the body:

  • insufficient secretory activity of the pancreas,
  • kidney disease
  • diabetes

Weight loss occurs when a dog has physiological or anatomical problems swallowing food. With anorexia and marasmus, the animal does not want to eat for mental reasons. Different stresses, both physiological and psychic, also turn away from eating.

However, there are causes of depletion of the animal, associated with its improper feeding, when the special needs of the dog during certain periods of life are not taken into account. For example, puppies are not insured from it during the period of active growth. A bitch can be exhausted during lactation.

What to do with exhaustion of the dog?

First of all, the dog must be carefully examined in a veterinary clinic to determine or exclude diseases of the digestive system or problems with metabolism. Only after the cure of the underlying disease will it be possible to struggle with exhaustion.

Do not do without the help of a veterinarian in the case of physiological or anatomical problems swallowing food. It could be an injury or something else. The doctor must examine the animal and prescribe the correct surgery. If a puppy began to show signs of exhaustion or a parasitic cause, the dog needs to double the amount of food.

Lactating bitch gradually increase the amount of food three times. With anorexia and marasmus, the animal must be fed artificially. Under stress and even more intensive work in such a state, the dog needs additional energy. Hunting, guide dogs, watchmen need to add fats and oils to ordinary food: for 0.5 kg of food - three tablespoons of fat.

You also need to give high-calorie dry food. If you picked up a dog exhausted from hunger on the street, you can fatten it yourself. Natural food is best suited for this. First you need to prepare a soup of porridge from low-fat boiled meat (veal, beef, chicken) - 50%, rice cereal - 25% and stewed vegetables (beets, carrots, zucchini) - 25%.

You can add a teaspoon (for small dogs) or a canteen (for medium and large dogs) a spoonful of vegetable oil to such porridge. Separately, you can give a little low-fat cottage cheese, diluted with kefir. Once a day, a teaspoon of honey will help (it can be mixed into a salad).

When the dog gets stronger, you can offer it a special ready-made feed. Some manufacturers have special diet lines. For example,

  • Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal Dog,
  • Hills Prescription Diet Canine,
  • Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal Low Fat Dog,
  • Eukanuba Intestinal Formula for Dogs,
  • Royal Canin Hypoalergenic Dog.

Always the dog must have clean and fresh water.



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