Features of the Yorkshire Terrier mating

Yorkshire terriers are small dogs and, if necessary, their breeding must take into account a number of features of this breed.

By mating bitch is ready in the period between about 7 and 18 day heat. But every dog ​​has a moment when she can get pregnant lasts no more than three days. Therefore, to determine it, you need to look closely to the special features.

How to determine that a Yorkshire terrier bitch is ready to mate?

  1. The bitch's discharge becomes almost colorless,
  2. when stroking the back of the dog to the side removes the tail,
  3. she begins to willingly allow a dog.

Usually it is necessary to bring a bitch to a dog. She must have all vaccinations and deworming, as well as getting rid of fleas and ticks. Since yorks have very long hair, you need to cut it under the tail and around the loop. And the hair on the tail is better to braid in braids.

If the bitch had to go far on a date or she is nervous in unfamiliar surroundings, first you need to give her time to get comfortable and rest, and only then introduce her to the dog. It is necessary to feed both dogs no later than 4 hours before mating in small volumes and digestible high-calorie food. Before mating, they should be walked.

Leave the dogs alone should not. And you do not need to mix two young inexperienced animals. Frightened bitch can bite a dog, and he refuses to approach her. It is better to mix a young dog with an experienced bitch and vice versa. If the owner of the dog is not experienced, it is better to invite an instructor. In any case, it is necessary to put a muzzle on the bitch or fix her jaws with a piece of bandage, which is tied around the neck.

Important recommendations for york knitting

  • For mating important place. You should not do it on the street, where a lot of dogs will be distracting.
  • Also, the room should not be cramped, and the floor in it slippery.
  • The owner of a bitch is better to sit down and hold the dog by the collar.
  • Owner stala left hand should bitch support under the stomach.
  • The young dog needs help to make the correct cage.

If tying Yorkshire terriers held correctly formed lock: male and bitch can not be separated for some time. During this period, ejaculation occurs. When a castle is formed, the dog must be helped to transfer the hind paw through the croup of the bitch. Bitch should not be allowed to lie down. The lock can last from 20 minutes to an hour.

The lock may not be possible, then the dog in the loop of the bitch must be held for five minutes. Such always too often productive. Repeating tying york on the same day does not make sense. It is better to carry out control knitting in a day. At this time and further to the end of estrus, the bitch needs to walk only on a leash, not allowing unwanted mating.



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