Chow Chow standard, breed description and characteristics

The chow-chow is distinguished by a proud and independent temper and prefers to have equal relations with the owner.

Very compact, with a short and proportionally folded body, the chow-chow has a typical lion's appearance, to which he owes much of his flat and wide skull. let's consider in more detail the standard and characteristics of the Chow Chow

Muzzle moderate length, wide, never pointed. Wide, prominent nose, usually black. With the exception of creams of almost white color, in which the nose has a light color, as well as individuals of bluish and red color, in which the nose is painted the color of the coat.

Eyes almond-shaped, dark, small and transparent, with the exception of individuals with bluish and reddish hair, whose eyes are the same color as wool. Small erect ears, set wide apart, turned forward and slightly converge. Teeth strong, with scissor bite. The palate and tongue are blue-black, the gums and lips are blackish.

Neck powerful, tightly fitted to the shoulder blades and slightly curved. The shoulder blades are muscular and sloping with straight forelimbs and strong bones. The hind limbs are muscular with well-defined ankles and minimal tilt, defining a specific gait, which can be called, like on stilts.

The chest is wide and deep with arcuate ribs, powerful loins and a short, strong and horizontal ridge. The paws are small, round, the tail is high and raised above the back. Gait hard, with a short step. The fore and hind limbs move in parallel planes. Coat is short and long, but in any case thick, with straight hair sticking out.

The long hair is especially thick around the neck and on the back of the thighs. Coat color can be black, red, blue, red, cream or white. Several shades may be present in a color, but there are never spots or different combinations of colors. Height according to the standard is at the withers from 46 to 56 centimeters. The higher the chow chow, the more beautiful it is.

A chow chow is a dog richly endowed with the abilities and instincts of its ancestors, throughout its thousand-year history it has served man in war, during hunting, and also for the protection of herds and dwellings. With its impressive size, it is distinguished by its courage, excellent instinct and hearing, as well as keenest eyesight, which allows it to hunt both day and night.

Chow-chow - a dog with a strong character and a bright personality. It is clearly not designed to adorn living rooms. Wise and proud, the Chow is able to become a person who can respect her, a true companion of life.



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