How to care for small breeds of dogs?

Small breeds of dogs are very popular, because they can be adapted to any lifestyle. It is very simple to keep a small dog in an apartment or take it with you on a trip.

But small dogs have their own special needs, which owners should consider. This article will help owners ensure a happy and healthy lifestyle for their pets. What is the right care for dogs of small breeds?

Provide your pet with high-quality food.

  • Small dogs have small stomachs and small appetites. Therefore, it is very important to feed them with food that is rich in minerals and vitamins.
  • You need to make sure that the dog gets all the necessary elements that help her to be healthy and cheerful.
  • Feed your pet in small portions several times a day.

A little dog needs to brush its teeth.

  • You can purchase dental pads or small toothbrushes at a specialist store to make this process easier.
  • Buy treats for your four-footed friend, which clean your teeth and refresh your breath.
  • For most small breeds, the teeth brushing procedure should be done at least once a week.

Buy toys for dogs

Today it is not difficult, the choice of different balls, bones and tweeters is very large. Your dog should have a few different shapes and textures of toys. Small breeds of dogs have a lot of energy, so you need to play with them several times a day.

If your dog is bored or has nothing to play with, he will definitely find entertainment in your things and household items. Do not allow the pet to spoil things. You will have to punish the dog, although you yourself are to blame for not providing it with entertainment.

Create a place in the house that will belong to your dog.

  • Small breed dogs like to have a place to retreat when they are punished, they are tired or they just have no mood.
  • Buy a special cot or build it from old blankets.
  • Your pet should feel comfortable there, away from active children or annoying guests.
  • Teach yourself that when your dog is in your territory, then you better not go there.

Wear a puppy if you go out on cold days

Clothes for small dogs are sold in special stores. You can also knit a winter sweater yourself or make a raincoat. Small dogs do not have an undercoat that warms them, so they are prone to chills. Coming from a walk, clear your dog's paws of snow and ice.

Ice or snow can freeze between the fingers on her paws, and this is a very painful sensation. This is especially true for long-haired breeds.

And most importantly, regularly show your pet to the vet. Small dogs have weak immunity, they are prone to allergies and various diseases. Watch your dog's mood and be her best friend.



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