What if the dog broke the claw?

Claws are a rather important part of a dog's body. They protect the paw pads, help hold objects and protect themselves, create grip. Therefore, among such frequent injuries in a dog as paw damage, broken claws are most common.

And the owner must be well aware of what to do in a situation when the dog has broken a claw.

Signs of a broken claw

You can notice the broken claw of a dog by the fact that the dog suddenly limped. She can also lick a paw, refuse to run. Noticing this behavior, you must carefully examine the paws of the dog. If a claw is torn or broken, the extent of the damage should be assessed.

If the dog is lame or does not get on his paw, keeping it on weight, it means that the injury causes severe pain to the animal. It is necessary to carefully and carefully inspect the injured paw in order to determine if only the claw has suffered or also the fingertip has received damage.

What to do if a dog broke a claw: first aid

It is also necessary to determine whether the injured claw is bleeding? If blood is visible on the wound, then it will be a long time for the dog to worry. Therefore, such a wound should rather be treated properly.

  1. First, it is washed with hydrogen peroxide to stop the blood.
  2. Then you need to grease with green paint.
  3. If the fingertip is also damaged, it is better to attach a tampon with Levomekol ointment, bandage the paw, and put a special protective collar around the dog's neck so that it does not lick the wound.

But not always the owner can independently assist the dog if the nail is damaged.

When do you need help from a doctor?

  • If the dog can not step on the paw for more than an hour.
  • If the owner fails to stop the bleeding from the wound or after treatment, unpleasant discharge has appeared.
  • If the dog whines and does not allow to treat the wound, twitches and tries to bite.
  • If the claw is broken so badly or unsuccessfully and the owner understands that he cannot do without surgery.

In all these situations, an urgent examination and the assistance of a specialist is necessary. The animal must be taken to a veterinary clinic or call the veterinarian at home.

Broken claw prevention

To prevent the dog from injuring its claws, they should not be cut regularly. This can be done independently with the help of special scissors or in a grooming salon during shearing or trimming. You can also regularly walk your dog on asphalt or pavement so that her claws grind off and there is less reason for their injury.



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