Fox hunting stories in winter

I remembered another case about the thoughts of the fox in the night salary. This time we obtyanuli plot flags together. Before that, there had been a thaw for several days, and now it was freezing significantly, it was difficult to work - yesterday’s and the day before yesterday’s tracks froze and distorted.

And the tracks were fresh, nocturnal, in some places they remained very distinct, but in some places they blurred or, on the contrary, caught the frost. We walked around for quite a long time, counting the number of input and output traces. As a result, they finally got confused, each time receiving a different account with a friend. So they fussed all day, repeatedly checking back and arguing fiercely, until finally, in the evening, they did not stumble upon a hole in which the tracks of two foxes disappeared at once, seemingly nightly - not frozen, and not melted.

We closed the entrance to the burrow with boughs, logs, putting pieces of the newspaper "for fox fear" between them. After that, we went around a large circle, pulling cord with flags so that their line passes from the entrance to the hole in about thirty steps. Then dismantled the blockage at the entrance to the hole. The salary was very free, there were almost no flags, and we hoped that the foxes had enough space for night runs and searches for a place through which to jump out of salary. Simultaneously with the first signs of dawn, we were already looking forward to the place of salary.

First inspected the entrance to the hole. Footprints in the snow showed that both foxes at first cautiously climbed out of the hole, then smelled our tracks and overcame them with big jumps. After this, the animals, frightened, jumped several times on the spot, then trotting, and then began to walk away from the hole. Involuntarily there was a question - did they leave or did they leave the salary?

They again laid the entrance to the burrow and fled in different directions to assess the situation. I got, except for the area of ​​mixed large forest, part of the salary with a clearing, where the flags were hung on the high twigs of stalks and sticks stuck by us. The hole was recently cleared of overgrowths and folded felled twigs.

Here is the picture that appeared in front of me when I looked around and studied the tracks. Fox I climbed up on one of the heaps of brushwood, pulled out a cord from my teeth, gnawed it and dragged one end inside about a meter about fifteen meters. After that, she dragged the other end in the same way as the first, arranging for herself a kind of corridor with sides of pieces of cord with flags.

Here is the corridor she left. How can you think of this? It would be much easier to simply jump over the cord from the top of the pile of brushwood. However, something made the beast act differently, contrary to genes, and take the worst thing into its mouth - an unfamiliar object with the smell of a man.

The other fox herself didn’t think of anything and most likely didn’t find the invention of the first one. A comrade at that time was driving, and I stood motionless with a gun. Approximately fifteen minutes after the start of the rut, a large lisovin rolled out in my direction, dressed in a shining, iridescent fur coat.



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