About pregnancy and childbirth in French Bulldogs

Childbirth in dogs is a natural process that does not require medical attention and human participation. So many people think, but not those who breed French bulldogs.

Females of this breed are rarely able to give birth on their own and have difficulties in childbirth.

Pregnancy French Bulldogs

From the time of mating to the onset of labor takes an average of 9 weeks. By recording the date of mating and counting from it 63 days, you will receive the expected term of delivery of your dog. For example, if mating was June 1, then childbirth will occur on August 3.

Of course, everything is not as simple and predictable as the breeders would like. Viable bulldogs can be born on the 53rd day, and on the 70th, but the optimal delivery period is the period from 58 to 65 days after mating.

French bulldogs often do a cesarean section, so usually the date of a planned operation is prescribed in advance. On the one hand, it is even convenient, since it is possible to free the day of birth from other plans in advance. Owners of females are always concerned about the question of whether or not it has already come. The most reliable diagnostic method is ultrasound, which is advisable to do three weeks after mating.

Ultrasound is also useful because it allows you to accurately determine the number of puppies. This is very important for successful deliveries, because sometimes the labor activity stops and there are dead puppies in the womb. The traditional method of palpation is also used, when the fruits are felt by the fingers through the abdominal cavity, but in French bulldogs this method is ineffective due to excess fat and a solid abdominal wall.

Care for a pregnant bitch: basic rules

  1. During pregnancy you should not drastically change the rules of care and feeding, it can be an additional stress for the body. Continue to feed your Frenchwoman the same ready-made food as before.
  2. If a dog eats a naturalka, then from the second month of pregnancy you need to increase the amount of protein, giving more meat and liver.
  3. It is recommended to give fresh greens, breeders even have a sign that you need to add dry raspberry leaves to the dog's diet in order to facilitate the upcoming birth.
  4. For a pregnant bitch it is better to eat more often, but in smaller portions, in which case the food will be better absorbed and there will be no vomiting.
  5. Dog physical activity does not need to be limited. Of course, it makes no sense to force her to take barriers and run through the boom, but a pregnant bulldog should have a lot of walking and breathing fresh air.

French bulldogs are prone to obesity, and constant lying on the couch contributes to this. An overweight dog will find it harder to give birth and care for puppies. A month before giving birth, you need to teach the bitch to the maternity ward. Usually, dog owners make a special box that will house a happy family.

The box should be in a secluded place, away from radiators, drafts and direct sunlight. You need to gradually accustom your bulldog to the idea that it will give birth there, and not in the closet or in your bed.

Childbirth french bulldog

All owners of French should be aware of the difficulties associated with the genera of this breed. It is widely believed that the French bulldogs give birth difficultly because puppies have very large heads. There is some truth in this, since really newborn bulldogs are very different from other puppies in head size.

But the reason for difficult labor is not only this. The role played and the history of the breed, which was bred by artificial means. This led to the fact that the hormonal system of the French Bulldogs is far from perfect. But it is the hormones that trigger the process of childbirth and include all the necessary mechanisms: the duration of contractions and attempts, pulling the puppy out, short intervals between the birth of puppies.

There are French bulldogs who safely give birth to healthy puppies themselves, but this is the exception rather than the general tendency. The difficulty is that it is impossible to predict how a specific dog will give birth. Even if she was already giving birth, and everything went well, the next time it may be a failure in the process of childbirth. In any case, the French Bulldog is not the breed that can be left during childbirth without help and go about your business.

When you return, you can find a dead dog. Many owners of pregnant bitches agree in advance with a veterinarian on a cesarean section. True, there is also a minus here: French women are not well tolerated by anesthesia due to the short muzzle and breathing problems. Therefore, you can choose the following option: to agree with the doctor, to see how the birth will go, and if necessary, to have an operation.

In French bulldogs it often happens that the first puppies are born normally, and then the generic activity stops, and the remaining puppies have to be removed from the uterus during surgery. Inexperienced owners can take such a stop for the end of labor, but in fact there will still be fruit in the uterus. Such a situation is very dangerous, and if it is not prevented, the dog will inevitably perish along with unborn puppies.

Otherwise, the birth of the French bulldogs proceeds according to general physiological laws, when the preparatory period occurs, that is, contractions, expulsion of the fetus during attempts and the postpartum period. For childbirth it is necessary to prepare at least a minimum set of drugs and equipment:

  • oxytocin is a remedy for uterine contraction;
  • disinfectant;
  • boiled vaseline oil;
  • iodine;
  • sharp scissors for cutting the umbilical cord;
  • diapers and rags,
  • soothing.

After childbirth it is necessary to check the number of the sequence: it should be equal to the number of puppies born. All puppies should breathe normally and move actively. Otherwise, they need resuscitation care.



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