Fox hunting stories

Once happened such a case. Fox left overnight salary. The two of us and a friend came to the forest late, it was Sunday afternoon, and the friend stayed in the village on his household chores until lunchtime. A comrade asked for the hunt with me for the first time, so I did not dare to entrust him with checking.

I had to spend about an hour on it, I found that the fox had not left, but there was not more than an hour and a half until dusk. And comrade ... suddenly lost his way, wandering around a bit and shouting at the far end of the salary. After a while, he silently and quietly approached me along the line of flags. I decided that he, of course, probably drove the fox out of the circle.

What to do, even though the flags will help to collect. But without much hope, just in case, the salary went round again. And they were happily surprised: the fox was so frightened of the flags that it remained inside. There was hope that she would stay in salary for the night — that sometimes happened! And we left the flags in the same places. ... The next morning I was lucky: I found and persuaded to go with me the only hunter in the whole village.

Over the past day and two nights, the fox carefully searched the entire salary, made a huge amount of "poking", but did not dare either jump over the cord, or crawl under it, touching her back. The only place she had miraculously found helped her escape - a small hole near the rotten stump. This is a place where one could leave without hitting the cord, the fox carefully searched and chose, and if it happened, then undoubtedly thought.



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