Fox Hound Stories

“You will not retell all the cases, but I remember one very curious. The hounds, which I took from a friend, after a long chase drove a fox into a hole. I closed the entrance and kept all the wands with chopsticks, putting the cartridge cases on them, and then immediately ran with the hounds to the village, where I stopped on the hunt.

He left the hounds there and, taking the frames with the flags, ran back to the burrow. The road passing on one side, the field on the other, and steep ravines in the south, densely overgrown with young birch sprouts, did not make it possible to build a salary fairly spacious and correct in form. On top of that, a strip of recent logging stretched along the edges of the ravines.

I had to cross it with flags completely open. Finally, the salary was somehow made, although it was too small in size. The liner on the sticks, so dangerous for the beast, I removed. It remained to wait for the morning. In the evening I discussed everything in the village with one friend. Everything seemed to be going well, but at night a strong wind rose with a blizzard.

I thought that my flags would surely carry, but the snow and wind gradually stopped long before dawn. We came with a friend early in the morning, of course, from the side of the hole and plugged it. Then they ran in different directions to check the presence of a fox. I saw that the exit trail from the hole under the tree was not covered with snow. There was no doubt: the beast went to the territory of the salary, but did he stay in it?

I saw that about ten paces along the road, where flags were hanging on fir-tree legs, the fox’s “poking” was hardly noticed, and the forest protected them. Fox really wanted to run away dear, but she was frightened by the flags. The tracks almost did not go towards the field, although here the forest also protected them from extinction under the snow. And in the open cutting area my props were blown down, and the fallen flags were swept over by a blizzard.

Here is a fox to take and just leave. But no! About ten meters of cord were pulled out from under the snow, and about twenty flags lay on top. Each flag at the same time lay separately, pieces of cord on either side of it were cut off like scissors. So the flags lay between pieces of twine. But in one place where the wind periodically turned off the flag from the twine, there was a noticeable trace of a fox, which passed by a step.

How could a fox do this without thinking about anything? Of course, I thought, even from the point of view of a person, it is illogical, unreasonable, but still I thought! Often, when observing the behavior of foxes in the salary area in a very difficult and dangerous situation for them, I noticed a great diversity in their behavior, which confirmed their ability to think and sometimes make ambiguous decisions. ”



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