How to treat allergies in dachshunds?

Dachshund refers to allergic dog breeds. Owners of dachshunds often have to wonder what their pet is allergic to. The problem of this disease lies in the difficulties associated with identifying an allergen.

Once you have found the component that your dog is allergic to, consider that the problem has almost been resolved. It remains only to eliminate it from the life of the dachshund, and this problem will not disturb you anymore. But the search for this allergen can take a very long time. Veterinarians often follow the path of least resistance: it is advised to switch to dry hypoallergenic food in order to exclude all possible foodstuffs that may be allergic.

The difficulty is that allergies can be caused not only by food, but also by other factors. What can be allergic to dachshund:

  • for food;
  • on natural factors;
  • on chemical factors;
  • on fleas.

The causes of allergies in dachshunds

Food allergies occur on one or several types of foods. The most common allergy in taxes is on the following products:

  1. pork and chicken oil,
  2. fat,
  3. red vegetables like carrots
  4. sweets,
  5. milk products,
  6. dry food.

Natural factors include everything that a dog may encounter on the street. This is pollen of plants, water from a forest pond, land in which the dog rummaged its nose. The danger of allergic dachshunds lurks at home. Some may be allergic to house dust or to other animals that are kept with her in the apartment.

There are even cases of allergy to volcanic sand, in which domestic chinchillas bathe. Chemical factors include allergens in the form of shampoos and other detergents and cleaners of chemical origin. For example, if your dog wears clothes, then she may be allergic to the powder with which you wash her costumes.

In a separate category should be made allergic to fleas. These eternal companions of dogs, it turns out, do not just drink the blood of poor animals, but some of them cause a strong allergic reaction, which can be compared to a bee sting for people sensitive to their poison. Flea saliva contains a specific allergen that causes severe itching and hair loss. In severe cases, when the dog is very sensitive to the allergen, medical treatment is required.

Allergy symptoms in dachshund

Externally, the symptoms of all these types of allergies appear almost the same, so it is impossible to determine from the symptoms exactly what the reaction occurred to. The most common allergy symptoms in dachshunds are:

  • redness of the inside of the ears;
  • naked skin on the paws, on the face, on the tail, on the stomach, which are flaky and itchy;
  • excessive molting;
  • blisters between claws and pads;
  • purulent discharge from eyes and ears.

These are common symptoms that can be modified by each dog. In some, itching and hair loss are not very pronounced, but they suffer from heavy discharge from the eyes and ears.

Others appear combed areas literally throughout the body. But all these symptoms can also be signs of other diseases, for example, the eyes fester due to conjunctivitis, the affected skin areas appear due to a microscopic dog tick and signal demadecosis.

Diagnosis and treatment

The easiest and fastest way to make an accurate diagnosis is to pass allergy tests. You also need to take scrapings from brush points that will show the presence or absence of fungi and ticks. All this will help to eliminate unpleasant situations when a dog suffering from demodecosis is put on a diet, thinking that it is allergic to certain products, and allergic reactions, on the contrary, are mistaken for being affected by ticks.

After the diagnosis, start treatment. If it is a food allergy, then a special diet is required, which is individually selected for each dog. In any case, the menu should contain the minimum number of components. If you are allergic to fleas, an anti-flea treatment is carried out and, if necessary, additional treatment is prescribed, for example, suprastin.

In all other cases, treatment is carried out on a simple principle: the allergen is eliminated and the affected areas are restored. The skin is treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, medications that relieve itching and irritation are prescribed. Allergies are often seasonal, and occasionally the dog relapses.

It also happens that the body, due to heredity, is prone to allergies: it is only necessary to eliminate one allergen and cure the effects of the allergy, as after a while everything repeats, but with another allergen. You can not close your eyes to allergies and think that it will pass by itself, it is necessary to find and eliminate the allergen from the life of a dachshund so that it will please you for a long time with its healthy and beautiful appearance and cheerful mood.



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