Boxer breed history

Having got yourself a boxer breed dog, you will get a loyal friend who will guard your house and bring you joy. The breed boxer was officially recognized at the beginning of the 20th century. Dog boxer different athletic build and high mobility. Despite its menacing appearance, it is a very kind and childish playful dog. The ancestor of the boxer is a strong fighting dog, known as a boulenbayser or biting a bull, widespread in the middle of the 180th century.

At that time it was used for hunting large predators. In addition to the Bulenbayser, one more ancestor of the boxer was the English Bulldog. By that time, he had already parted ways with a fighting dog and wandered around Germany in search of a new job. In the history of the boxer there is a document, which says about the binding of an English dog with a German, the result of which was boxer Nicknamed "Flocks" is number 1 in the German breed registry. Why she got this name is difficult to say. Boxer breed history deserves a thorough discussion.

The official recognition of the breed is associated with the name of the Austrian cynologist Frederic Robert, who moved to Monaco in 1894 and became interested in selecting what was left of the fierce boulders. A year later, in the same Monaco, 4 boxers were represented at the St. Bernard exhibition, including Flokey, who, as already mentioned, was the result of a bulldog mating. And none other than Frederick Robert awarded him the first prize. The first edition of the standard appeared in 1902, the second 3 years later.

The forebears of this breed are 2 males: Floki and Vuten san Salvador and 2 females: Blanca and Meta.

In the 30s of the 20th century, von Dom became one of the most active promoters of the dog boxer. Bred individuals are milestones in the development of the Boxer breed, including the famous Lust Von Dom.



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