How to train alabay?

Successful training alabay depends on several factors: the dog’s intelligence level and ability to learn, the patience and professionalism of the trainer.

The Central Asian Shepherd Dogs are considered to be an intelligent breed, but because of their genetics, they tend to perform independent actions and actions, which gives rise to some stubbornness. Therefore, in the training is important the psychological moment of establishing the contact of man and dog.

Alabai must be firmly aware that all human commands must be carried out. If the dog once realizes that he can ignore the command without consequences, then he will continue to refuse to obey.

Puppy training alabai

It is necessary to train a puppy from two months, that is, from the moment when it enters a new home. Previously, his authority was his mother, now a man should take the place of the pack leader. For successful training, you need to study the psychology of dogs that do not like fussy constantly screaming people.

If you scream loudly at the alaby, punish him with a whipping, he will take it as your weakness, and his perseverance and unwillingness to obey will increase many times. The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is a serious dog and requires proper treatment. If you want to punish a puppy, just shake him by the withers (as his mother did when he violated the rules of behavior in the flock) and say just one word: "Foo!" or "No!"

While communicating with the dog, confidence and calmness should emanate from you. When the contact is established and the trainer takes the place of the leader in the dog's mind, you can proceed to the educational process and training of the basic commands. At home, you can learn a set of basic commands, which is included in the basic course of training:

  • "To me!",
  • "Beside!",
  • "Sit!",
  • "Lie down!",
  • "Stand!",
  • "Walk!",
  • "A place!".

All teams are studied sequentially, not simultaneously. Alabayam takes more time to train each team than, for example, a German shepherd. This breed learns information more slowly, but remembers it for a lifetime and then instantly executes all commands.

Training alabai at home

It is best to teach the dog to the main teams at home in a relaxed atmosphere. The trainer should be alone in the room, it is desirable that there are no distractions in the room: TV, other animals, toys. So you will get from the dog maximum concentration on training.

All training can be performed, guided by three principles: reward, coercion and prohibition. Promotion means praise or a treat. Coercion is applied when the dog refuses to execute the command, and receives discomfort for refusal. So she will execute the command not in the hope of getting something pleasant, but, on the contrary, in order to avoid punishment.

By the prohibitive method is the cessation of any unwanted actions on the team. Often and for any trifle, this command cannot be used, as the dog becomes too dependent and loses the desire to take the initiative. Even if you do not plan to walk the dog around the city, and it will live in the aviary, sometimes running through the surrounding fields, it must be taught to a normal reaction to a large number of people, the noise of the streets, the traffic flow of cars.

Be sure to teach the alabaya to walk near on a leash, obediently put on a muzzle, show teeth. These skills will be useful in any case, for example, for visits to the vet.

Outdoor training

There are teams that can be trained only on the street. The dog must know the command "Road!" in order to always stop in front of the highway with moving vehicles. For training, you need to stop each time with the dog for a couple of minutes before crossing the road and say the command.

This action needs to be performed even if there is no moving vehicle at the moment. On the street, Alabai master such commands as "Barrier!" and "Aport!". It is recommended to teach him to overcome other obstacles: the ladder and the boom. Their development can begin with 3-4 months.

The Central Asian Shepherd Dogs are mainly expected to display its protective qualities, therefore with representatives of the breed they are engaged in special training at the rate of protective and guard duty. Training starts at 5-6 months and consists of the following skills:

  1. protection of things and territory;
  2. distrust and anger towards strangers;
  3. harassment and detention;
  4. protection of people;
  5. protection of people;
  6. ability to take a trail and find people and hidden things;
  7. patrol territory.

The number of skills depends on the desire of the owner and the functions that the dog will perform. Alabai used to be used as a shepherd, so you can focus on developing these skills in it (if the dog lives in the countryside). The main commands from the course of the guard-guard service have different versions.

For example, at the command "Protect!" the dog may simply guard the thing, not allowing strangers to it, but also not pursuing them. Another variant of the command execution: when a dog tries to kidnap a thing, it attacks and chases the evader.

When training alabayev it is important not to destroy their tendency to act independently. When a dog is let out at night from an open-air cage, and it runs alone in the yard, it should be able to act depending on the situation. Alabai patrol the protected area in silence and attack with barking without warning, sometimes dog owners teach them to give a voice when a trespasser is detected.

You can achieve any result by doing it regularly with alabaem. Good effect gives the use of the pack feeling of these dogs. For example, if you already have a guard dog, then alabai will repeat its behavior and learn how to protect the territory faster.

You can be trained with alabai in groups under the guidance of a professional trainer, but given the viciousness of this breed in relation to unfamiliar dogs, this option is not suitable for everyone. If you want, but can not train alabaya, then entrust this process to an instructor-canine. It is impossible to leave such a mighty dog ​​without training, since the Central Asian Shepherd Dog, untrained by the commands, will become uncontrollable and dangerous for other people.



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