How to make a booth for alabai with your own hands?

A booth is necessary for all dogs who live in a country house, even if they are big and fluffy. Alabaya box is not just a place where a dog can find protection from cold or rain, it’s her personal space necessary for a healthy and happy life.

Therefore, the construction of the booth should be approached very responsibly, because this is the home for your caretaker.

Important requirements for a future booth for alabay

First you need to choose a place for the booth, it should not be located in an open sunny place, as the dog will be hot in the summer under direct sunlight. But in a too dark place to put the booth is not recommended. It is better to place the dog house in the shade of trees on a small hill.

You can not put the booth in the lowlands, where the water is going after rains or melting snow, then it will always be damp and begin to deteriorate.

The size of the booth

It is important to correctly calculate the size of the booth. Imagine how unpleasant you will be when you spend a lot of time and effort, and your alabai will be uncomfortable in his house, and he will reject it. If you make a booth for a little puppy, then you will have to be guided by approximate calculations.

You cannot predict exactly what height your dog will be. Therefore, make a booth for the recommended size for large dogs:

  • length 130 cm
  • width 100 cm
  • height 90 cm

Here are the internal dimensions of the booth, not external. It is not recommended to make a larger construction, as one of the main functions of the booth is to heat the animal from its own body. Consequently, it will be more difficult to warm the alabai in large area, and it will be cold in the frosty winter.

Build a house for alabay do it yourself

If you are building a booth for an adult dog, then you can use the following formula as a basis. Internal height of the booth: height of the dog + 6 cm. Width of the booth: length of the dog, measured from the tip of the nose to the tail + 5-10 cm

The width of the entrance is 10 cm wider than the chest of the dog. The entrance to the booth is located on the long part of the building, slightly away from the center. The booth must stand so that the dog can observe from the entrance, which also serves as a window, for everything happening in the yard.

Materials for the booth

The best material for the booth, which is not found a worthy replacement, is a tree. Boards or logs for booths are treated with special impregnations from rotting, from insects, from ignition. It is possible to paint the boards or cover them with enamel only from the outside in a ready-made booth, from the inside this is not necessary. Floor booths are made of floorboards.

The roof is convenient to make removable. It is constructed from bars and plywood, insulated with mineral wool or foam. From above the roof is covered with roofing felt and tiles or other roofing materials. The booth can be sheathed with clapboard, but you can leave a wooden surface, covering it with paint or enamel. In winter, the entrance to the booth is blocked by a curtain of thick fabric that retains heat inside.

Now the market offers many models of booths that are practical and creative design. You can make such a booth yourself. Especially economical would be the option when the booth is made of building materials, which remained after the construction of a house or cottage. Algorithm of construction of the booth:

  1. We make a drawing design.
  2. Cut into the size of the bars.
  3. We assemble from the bars using the screws of the booth wall: front, back and two side.
  4. The inner part of the walls is sheathed with plywood and all the walls are fastened together with screws.
  5. We assemble the frame from the bars for the floor and put the floorboards on top, between which there should be no gaps.
  6. We assemble the ceiling frame, sheathe it from the inside with plywood, insulate it with mineral wool.
  7. Wall panels and floor insulated foam.
  8. Outside we cover the booth with paint, enamel or sheathe clapboard.
  9. Ceiling frame fastened to the rear wall on the door hinges.

In this case, it turns out folding ceiling. This is one of the most simple and cost-effective options for building a booth for alabay.



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