How to teach a dog to bring a stick, a ball and other objects

The dog needs training anyway. Even decorative. For her, this is a sign of the host’s attention, when he deals only with her, he pays attention to her.

The command "aport" or "bring" is one of the obligatory for a well-bred dog. However, it is also useful. At this command, the dog must bring and submit to the owner an object thrown at a distance.

The process of teaching the team "Bring!"

Teaching a dog to this team is not difficult. The main thing is to do everything according to the instructions, do not be nervous and do it only for the sake of mutual pleasure. You can start teaching this team from the age of 5-6 months. Until this age, the puppy is tamed to play with different objects and keep them in the mouth.

During the game, you can also throw objects, causing the puppy to run after them. It is necessary to observe how the pet learns lessons. It is necessary to start training of the sorting after the puppy has learned the commands "to me" and "sit".

  1. It is better to start training the aporting not on the street, but at home, for example in the corridor, so that the student does not distract anything.
  2. Next, you need to put the dog on a long leash on the left leg with the command "sit" and throw a stick at a distance of 3-4 meters.
  3. Then it is necessary to wait a few seconds to exercise the shutter speed, make a pointing movement with your hand and command “aport!”.
  4. As soon as the dog grabs the object, the team needs to be repeated and pulled the leash without jerks on itself, forcing the dog to return.
  5. Next, the dog is encircled around him and again put on the left leg in the initial state.
  6. At the same time, an aportable object remains in the dog’s mouth all the time. It is necessary to take it in exchange for a delicacy.

So gradually you need to ensure that the dog will return on its own, without pulling the leash. Be sure to praise for successfully executed team. No need to overstress the animal.

It should be a game: 2-3 repetitions of the team and a break, then the lessons will be a joyful dog. Aportirovka can be a special aportirovochnaya dumbbell, favorite toy, ball, stick. If the dog takes the aport badly, you can first make it a "soft stick" of twisted drape.

When the dog learns to carry out all the elements of this team on a leash, you can begin training without a leash. The dog's exposure time between the throw of the object and the “aport” command must be gradually increased, as well as the distance that the aport rushes.

You should always praise the animal and give it a treat. When the dog learns the command perfectly, it will willingly carry it out without delicacy, for just one kind word.



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